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Thornapple Township administrative offices are located at the Township Hall, 200 E. Main Street, Middleville. The office hours and contact information are listed below. In addition, there is also a drop box located on the left side of the entrance to the township hall.

The office is open 28 hours per week:

Monday thru Thursday: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Office hours on Fridays are by appointment only. 

Telephone: 269-795-7202

Fax: 269-795-8812


Office Coordinator: Joanna Shear, office@thornapple-twp.org

Clerk : Cindy Willshire, clerk@thornapple-twp.org

Deputy Clerk:  Stephanie L. Skidmore, sskidmore@thornapple-twp.org

Supervisor: Mike Bremer, supervisor@thornapple-twp.org

Treasurer: Debra K. Buckowing, treasurer@thornapple-twp.org

Deputy Treasurer: Laura Bouchard, lbouchard@thornapple-twp.org 

Assessing: Owen Smith, assessor@thornapple-twp.org

Zoning:  Catherine Getty, cgetty@thornapple-twp.org

Enforcement Officer: Don Ford, dford@thornapple-twp.org

Emergency Services: Chief Randy Eaton, reaton@thornapple-twp.org

Trustee:  Ross DeMaagd, rdemaagd@thornapple-twp.org

Trustee:  Jake Jelsema, jjelsema@thornapple-twp.org

Trustee:  Andrew Lindemulder, alindemulder@thornapple-twp.org

Trustee:  Sandra Rairigh, srairigh@thornapple-twp.org


The township hall and emergency services building are the two main facilities of the township. Both buildings have conference, meeting or training rooms. It is the policy of the township to allow use of these rooms by community groups upon scheduling with the receptionist. There is no rental allowed for these rooms for private functions such as family gatherings or wedding receptions.

Requests for Information:

Requests for public information can be made by completing a FOIA request.

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